What To Expect

KBCC is made up of believers on a journey, seeking to know Christ Jesus better so that we may worship Him more dearly and serve Him more faithfully and passionately. We pray that you will find your place in the family and that as we journey along, we shall enjoy the mutual support of one another and persevere until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

Membership in KBCC is not automatic even if one is a regular visitor. You must decide to become a member and go through the process to be accepted into membership. You can download a membership application form here.

Sunday Services

  • The Sunday Service is primarily a corporate worship time. Be sure you are fully refreshed on Sundays – avoid late Saturday nights.
  • Arrive in good time before the service for prayer.
  • Join others for an in-depth study of the Bible, We call it Christian Education Programme
  • Participate fully in the service – remember that you are not in the service because of anyone. You are there to meet God Himself and to enjoy fellowship with Him, so don’t allow yourself to be distracted by anything. Focus on Him, and come with an expectant heart, asking Him to encounter you right where you are in your life.
  • In addition to your Bible, carry a notebook to enable you to take notes.
  • Please be sure to turn off your mobile phones or put on silent during the service

Prayer Meeting and Other meetings

Christian Life Seminars, prayer meetings, the Annual General Meeting, special occasion programs (Christmas and Easter events), picnics, outreaches, etc. Plan to be a part of other activities that will not just enhance your spiritual growth, but also help you to enjoy the Christian walk

Get Involved:

The opportunity to discover gifts is offered in KBCC through the various ministries – Music, Youth, Prayer, Evangelism, Children, Publicity, etc. these ministries provide the platform to experence God’s leading. Be proactive, and find ways of getting involved in what goes on in the body of Christ! Get involved in church activities organized to help us all grow stronger in the Lord.