Prayer Ministry

Meeting Days: Every Monday at 6.30pm
Korle-Bu Community Chapel operates an effective and dynamic prayer ministry. We have a Prayer Team who influence the accomplishment of the vision of the church through prayer and supplication. They also equip potential men and women likely to enter into various ministries in the Church to develop a strong passion and discipline for effective intercession as well as helping individual members develop effectual fervent prayer lives.
KBCC prayer ministry believes that effective prayer ministry is more than a program, weekly prayer meeting, spiritual discipline, prayer lists, prayer chains, & prayer walks. It is a lifestyle of connecting with and communing with God. This we believe is build around

  • A strong spiritual awareness
  • Coming to God from a position of impotence and realizing that God is the power source and not the prayer in itself
  • Coming to God from a position of dependence and believing in His grace
  • Coming to God from a position of humility and submission realizing it needs to be His will and not yours will that must be done.
  • Coming to God from a position of sonship realizing that He greatly delights in the fact that you’ve come to Him.
We understand and appreciate that prayer is . . . .

  • more than attending a meeting — It is connecting with their heavenly Father.
  • more than a programmed event or activity — It is coming into the presence of the almighty God.
  • more than a Christian discipline — It is communicating with a living and personal God.
The Prayer Chain is meant to engage all church members in active prayer and to develop a life style of prayer. The Guideline for the prayer chain are:

  • The idea of prayer chain is to ensure a sustained intercession on behalf of God’s people and His Church. It is therefore extremely important that the prayer chain is never broken; there must be somebody each day fasting and praying on behalf of Korle-Bu Community Chapel.
  • In case you may not be able to fulfil your appointment, you just feel free to inform your Area Fellowship Prayer Coodinator in advance so that alternative arrangements are made to cover up.
  • You are at liberty to choose the number of hours of fasting whether 6, 9, or 12, etc and the type of fasting acceptable to the Lord that you are used to
  • Remember you are a Watchman, “I have posted watchmen on your walls… they will never be silent day or night… give yourselves no rest and give Him (God) no rest till He establishes Jerusalem (“Isaiah 62:6-7”)

Immediate Prayer needs of KBCC:

  • Stabilisation and growth of the churches planted at Ashiyie, Ejura and Lakeside Community Chapel; Mobilisation of Church members to have the heart of God for lost souls
  • Marriages, Widows & Orphans, Single Parents and Singles
  • The Pastoral team and the Ministry of the Word in KBCC
  • Missionaries including those with KBCC root ( Bro. Darko- Ashiyie, Ps. Eric- Ejura, Oliver and others)
  • Church building project and all infrastructure needs of GEC
  • Area Fellowships to increase in fellowship and support for one another and nurturing of young brethren in the faith to maturity
  • The Youth Department: The Youth to be filled with the Holy Spirit and have intense hunger for God and zeal for His work
  • Council of elders, deacons and the various Committees in KBCC
  • Church members will show greater commitment to and support for God’s work; that we will read, study and obey God’s Word
  • Spiritual transformation and revival in the Church in Ghana- Holiness, Righteousness and Justice will characterize christians in Ghana
  • A deep prayer life for members of the Church/House of Prayer and Effective Prayer Ministry