Christian Education Programme

Christian Education ProgrammeThe Christian Education Programme (CEP) forms an integral part of Korle-Bu Community Chapel Sunday worship.

It is a 40-minute programme of Bible study which takes place immediately after “Praise and worship” and all church members participate under group leaders.  Each group is made up of about 12 church members.


The study material is prepared based on the Church’s theme for the year and the studies are prepared to cover the year and given out as a booklet in January of each year.

The sermons from the pulpit and the study materials are synched to supplement each other.

For the year 2015 the theme was “Working Out Your Salvation With Fear and Trembling…” Phil. 2: 12

According to the Senior Pastor  “it was meant to mold us into that reverent ,submissive and fruitful relation with the Lord Jesus “

2016 THEME
“You are Christ’s Ambassadors…” 2 Corinthians 5:20

While 2015 focused on our personal relationship with the Lord, 2016 directs us to play the role of the Evangelist , reconciling the world to God.

In his Introduction to the Study Booklet the Senior Pastor wrote “ We, as Christ’s Ambassadors,  are marked out as a people on an urgent divine mission, a mission we cannot afford to fail because our Lord and Master Jesus Christ… is counting on us to accomplish it.”

Our mandate is to take the message of reconciliation to all in the Korle-Bu community and beyond.

The Study Booklet
Each church member has a booklet and is expected to prayerfully study the material for each Sunday and to answer the four or five questions at the end.

The group studies are often very lively and well patronized by all church members.

As we study the materials prepared under the Theme for the year we are constantly reminded of our focus for the year and persevere in prayer to accomplish the goal we set ourselves.

Chairman: Divine Kafui Vigbedor