A Test Of Spiritual Growth

“My friend Wanyeki is one of the pastors at All Souls in London, responsible for spiritual growth programmes. One day over coffee I asked him what is his best test to know whether or not a believer is growing. Without hesitation he replied, “Are they passing on what they have learned to others?’

I think that is an excellent answer. Discipleship isn’t complete until we are living out and passing on what we have received. It’s not just about receiving more and more blessings or knowledge; it is about being a channel for the grace that I have received from God to flow to other people.”

MARCUS HONEYSETT (2011), You Could Be A Leader-Maker. In Fruitful Leaders- how to make, grow, love and keep them. Inter-Varsity Press, Nottingham; 2011:107. ISBN: 978-1-84474-544-9

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