Slouching Around On The Parade Ground

“Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones once said that Christianity is far too often presented as a remedy for all our problems – ‘Come to the clinic and we’ll give you all the loving care and attention that you need to help you with your problems.’ But, comments Dr. Lloyd-Jones,

In the Bible I find a barracks, not a hospital. It is not a doctor you need but a drill sergeant.  Here we are on the parade ground slouching around. A doctor won’t help us. It is discipline we need.  We need to listen to our Sergeant. ‘Yield not to temptation but yield yourselves to God.’ This is the trouble with the Church today; there is too much of the hospital element; they have lost sight of the great battle.’

And if you are involved with a great battle there is only one thing that counts – your Leader and your country. Your own personal needs and problems are relatively unimportant.  So it is when we are engaged in this tremendous warfare in the spirit, serving as soldiers of Jesus Christ. We need this element of discipline in the warfare. We are free indeed – free to fight!  Therefore, ‘Let not sin reign … Do not yield your members as instruments of wickedness.’”

DAVID WATSON.  HIDDEN WARFARE: Conquering In The Spiritual Conflict.  pp. 68 – 69.

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