“Bad Company Ruins Good Morals”

“A boy went into Senior High School at (a certain town in the Kwahu mountains) as a freshman.  It was a boarding school. A senior boy persuaded him to join him on a burglary operation activity in Kumasi.  The freshman (boy) agreed.

They both left school for Kumasi. In Kumasi, they succeeded to break into and burgle a jewellery Shop.  But small crowd chased them and was able to arrest the freshman (boy).They beat him to death. But the senior boy escaped. The bad news reached the Headmaster of the School.  He had to put together a delegation to the parents of the dead student.

He had left home for boarding school only a few months earlier. How would the parents receive the news of his death? That freshman (boy) ended his schooling and sadly his life in a terrible way.  He joined in the wrong and evil burglary plan of his friend. It cost him his life. He died a foolish death. Do you not see often in practical reality that ‘Bad company ruins good morals’? (1 Cor. 15:33).”

JUDE HAMA.  Practical Holy Living.  pp. 97 – 98.

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