“What Is In Your Catapult?” – (Principle 1 Of The Fight)

 A businessman holidaying in a rural area came across some local boys who were using catapults to shoot at birds, hoping to be able to cook the birds later for supper. Drawing closer, the businessman was shocked to discover that the ‘stones’ the boys were using were actually nuggets of gold. Having lived all their lives ‘in the bush’, the boys had no idea of the value of their ammunition. As a result, they were throwing gold into the wild in the hope of hitting a bird which weighed less than a quarter of kilo!

 We may be shocked at the ignorance that was fuelling the choices that the boys were making. ‘We would never do that!’ we protest, ‘We know that gold is worth much more than a small bird.’ But when we throw our wives or husbands out from the marriage home in exchange for money, we are no different from the boys in the bush: we are also exchanging something far more precious (our husbands or our wives) for something of much lesser value (money).

Your wife is worth much, much more than gold. Your husband is worth much, much more than gold.  Stop throwing her or him out of your home so that you might get some more Ghana Cedis, US Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling or Yen. Don’t trade your husband or wife away into the jungles of other cities in Ghana or Western Europe or the USA. You are meant to be a companion for him or her.

JOHN KPIKPI   The Marriage House. 

  1. 37-38

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