Are You Aware Of Him?

“There lived a man in Edinburgh who was a confirmed criminal. He spent much time in jail, but he had one redeeming feature. He had an only child, a little girl who was the very image of his dead mother.

One time while he was serving his time after a burglary, the little girl died. On the day of his release he learned of her death and he could not take it. He was broken in spirit, and he resolved to fling himself from a bridge into the river below.

At midnight he stood on the bridge. Suddenly, for no reason he could think of, there flashed into his mind the words: “I believe in God the Father Almighty.”  He stepped back. Again the words came. He knew little of God, but he did know something of fatherhood.

“If that is what God is,” he found himself saying, “then I can trust Him with my little girl–and with myself.”

God delivers the suffering. He reaches into human lives in strange, unaccountable ways.

The God of hope is always with us. Are you aware of Him?”

H. S. VIGEVENO.  The Early Church Speaks To Us.  p. 159

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