Hit the Road Running!

“In the early days of the evangelization of China there was a severe famine. The Christian leaders went into the fields to help cut rice and distribute it to the starving. The first day, one in every seven persons asked them about Jesus. The leaders excused themselves and said they had no time to talk to them, since they were busy distributing rice.

But the next day they were better organized. They put up a tent and marked it “evangelist.” Then when the requests came, the Christians merely pointed to the tent and urged the people to talk to the evangelist. Invariably they received one answer: “we don’t want to hear from the man in the tent, but from you … because you care …”

We have taken the street clothes off Jesus and put ecclesiastical robes on Him. We have removed Him from His ministry among the common people and shut Him up in our churches. We keep on pointing people to the doors of the church, rather than to Jesus Himself.

Jesus was there among the people in His earthly ministry. Some came to Him while He was in the synagogues, to be sure. But the majority of His contacts were on the road.”

H. S. VIGEVENO. The Early Church Speaks To Us. pp. 98 – 99.

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