In the Foolishness of Preaching

“A famous acrobat from Europe walked across Niagara Falls on a wire. Then he walked backed as the crowd applauded generously. Not only had he accomplished the feat in the face of danger, but he had held steadily against the winds.

He turned to the people: Do you believe in me?`

They replied in one voice: “Yes.”

“Then if you believe in me,” said the acrobat, “who will come and ride on my shoulders as I cross again?”

There was no reply.

“Don`t you believe in me?”

Finally a tall farm boy stepped forward and rode on his shoulders across the Niagara.

In the foolishness of preaching we asked for faith in Jesus Christ – the Christ who has demonstrated for us the power of salvation. The Christ who has removed from us the penalty of sin. The Christ who has walked across the abyss of death and come back from the other side in resurrection glory.

The preaching of this cross may seem like foolishness. But to us who put our trust in the atonement, it is power. The preaching of the cross is not philosophy which man can approve. It is the wisdom of redemption and the revelation of the grace of God.

We can only announce it. We can only tell the story.

We can only proclaim it.” 

S. VIGEVENO. The Early Church Speaks To Us. Pp. 95 – 96.

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