We Must Show the Truth

“A young missionary going out on her first term of missionary service to her mission field was sent into a remote part of the country to live with an older missionary who had become spiritually ‘fossilized’ and hardened in her ways. The older woman made life, from the very first moment, almost impossible and intolerable for the younger, and this girl, within a matter of days, began to feel resentful and bitter that God had put her in this situation.   She realized that her entire missionary work and calling was at stake. What could she do?

She decided to pray for the older missionary every day, and every day she read, on her knees, 1 Corinthians 13 – the great chapter on love. That for her, was the belt of truth which she put on, day by day. At the end of a whole year of praying and reading this chapter she had been given such a love for this older, hardened companion that the older woman broke down – overwhelmed by the love of her young friend. The whole situation was transformed because of the ‘belt of truth’.”

DAVID WATSON. Hidden Warfare: Conquering In The Spiritual Conflict. p. 108.    

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