Away from the Comfort Zone

“I know pagans who find satisfaction and fulfillment by teaching nuclear physics. In any Christian view of life, self-fulfillment must never be permitted to become the controlling issue. The issue is service, the service of real people. The question is, ‘How can I be most useful?’, not, ‘How can I feel most useful?’.

The goal is, ‘How can I best glorify God by serving his people?’, not, ‘How can I feel most comfortable and appreciated while engaging in some acceptable form of Christian ministry?’. The assumption is, ‘How shall the Christian service to which God calls me, be enhanced by my daily death, by my principled commitment to take up my cross daily and die?’, not ‘How shall the form of service I am considering enhance my career?’.

D. A. CARSON. A Call To Spiritual Reformation. p. 83

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