Respond To Him In Your Own Small Way

The Little girl came from the garden to the study. He sat there behind his desk, engrossed in his work, but she had some flowers in her chubby hand that she had just picked in the backyard. She was only four and she pushed them right under his nose.

‘For you, Daddy,’ she said. He didn’t say: ‘Thanks a lot, but I don’t need them.’ He didn’t reply: ‘Look, I don’t want you to pick those flowers for me, because they are mine anyway. The whole backyard belongs to me.’ Of course not. He was grateful for her gift and so he gave her a little hug.

God can get along without our thanks, without our prayers, without our expressions of worship. He doesn’t need what we bring to Him with our chubby little hands and our stammering tongues. The whole universe is His! We cannot give Him anything, really. But maybe, first maybe, our worship and thanks mean something to Him. Maybe they mean more than we dare to think. He is our Father, and He loves us. …

There is so little we can do in response to His great love for us. But we can respond to Him, even in a small way.

S. VIGEVENO. The Early Church Speaks To Us. p. 117.

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