Covenant Power!

Imagine a world of bliss, a world with no suffering, a Utopia.  That is what we could have had as humanity, but of course, we all know the story.  Eve was deceived; she ate the fruit and quickly gave some to her husband.  The whole human race was contaminated.

I’ve often wondered why God allowed it.  This was His perfect plan wasn’t it? To have man, the fiery arrow in His hand, the one to have absolute dominion of the earth, inhabit a perfect earth and wreak havoc on the enemy.  It would have been so wonderful!

Why didn’t God simply strike the woman dead when the awful sin of disobedience was first found in her?  Then He could have created a new woman, and everything would have been alright again.  Why didn’t He? Why didn’t God eliminate sin from His beautiful creation?

It’s because of just one thing.  Something called ‘Covenant’.   God had a covenant with His beloved creation, a covenant that could not be broken.  He showed mercy, and kept His covenant with His beautiful masterpieces.  The rest, they say, is history.  Our God is a covenant keeping God!  He will never go back on the covenant He has with me.  He will never go back on the covenant He has with you.  Praise the name of the Lord!!


– Akosua Dankwa

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