“But Even If He Doesn’t” – The Unwavering Faith

Scripture: Daniel 3:1 – 30

unwavering-faithA long passage, but really worth the read.  Our God will save us from the flames, but even if He doesn’t, we will NOT bow down to the idol.  Dan 3:18.  Many years ago those 5 words changed my life … but even if He doesn’t.  Serving God is not just some way to twist God’s arm into giving you all the good things in life.  There are times that He chooses not to give us the things we think we so badly need, or He asks us to wait until we think it is much too late.

Those 3 young men were ready to die if need be, rather than bow to the threats of a king who wanted them to worship his god, a god they had neither seen nor heard of before.  Amazingly, God rescued these boys from a horrible death in the fiery furnace.

Some time ago, I was faced with this question.  Was I going to shrivel up and die if God did not do that thing which I really needed from Him, or was I going to brace myself and continue walking with Him, and wait for Him no matter what came my way?  I made the agonizing decision to stick with God (this was after I had tried to run away from Him) and I have never regretted it to this day!  When we decide to stick with God, He honours us in ways we could never have imagined.

-Akosua Dankwa

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